We only place our dogs in Southern California.




Frankie is 5 months old. He is a happy fun loving puppy. Frankie will need to go to obedience class so he can learn good dog manners
Mattisons Bearness of Wortenville
DOB 4/30/16
Breeder James Trouberma
Sire: Adnan Antonious Schoenfelden
Dam: Whitney von Barton

This beautiful girl will need an experienced owner. She is big and will need obedience training. She is housebroken, happy and friendly.

DOB 5/17/17
Happy young dog, playful, loves her toys. Will benefit from obedience training.




Haley is a sweet girl that was living in a horse trailer. She is about 3 years old and will need some obedience training. Haley is sweet and easy going. If you are interested in adopting Haley please fill out our adoption application.

Shamus is a long haired adult male. He is very sweet and good with larger dogs. Shamus will need to attend obedience class. If you're interested in adopting Shamus, please fill out
our adoption application.
Tina Bautista Kaiser vom Hause
Sire: Pancho vom Wissman Platz
Dam: Vesta von der Obersten
Breeder: Efrain and Brenda Perez Kaiser vom Hause Rottweilers
DOB 11/1/16

Happy, active young girl looking for a permanent home with experienced Rottweiler adopters. Excellent prospect for agility, nose work, etc.




Sheena is a lively young female. She is very
sweet and happy. Sheena will need to attend obedience class so she can learn to be a lively good girl. If you're interested in adopting Sheena, please fill out our adoption application. 


Adult female. She's a big girl, easy to handle, sweet temperament, loads easy, crate trained, some obedience.
Lively adult male, very social, good with people, other friendly dogs. 


Bella von der Hutto


Dob: 11/15/16
Sire: Legend vom Hochklasse
Dam: Angie von der Obersten
Breeder: Felix Solyrosas

Bella is sweet, active girl, good temperament, a little obedience training, loves water.


DOB 9/22/18
Breeder: Akop Aslanyan
Sire: Jumbo Crin Vietz 
Dam: Danara vom Teufelkieger

Belle is 8 months old. She is a little shy at first  but recovers quickly. Belle has had some obedience training. She is good with other dogs.