Hera von der Alten Festung 3-19-2011

HR 15765 RW (Croatia)
WS 46159101  (US)

HD free A, ED free 0
Thyroid: RO-TH777/46F-VPI
Cardiac: RO-CA6601/46F/P-VPI
Dentition: RO-DE803/47F-VPI
Eyes: RO-EYE829/48F-VPI

2013 RKNA SCRC breed show V-1 open females
11.16.2013 Phoenix RKNA Breed Show V-3 open females
11.16.2013 Phoenix RKNA show Passed SE, Peter Friedrich
26.10.2013 USRC Northwest Regional Sieger Show V-5 open

Beautiful 7 year old female, very sweet, a little shy in new situations as she has lived her life
in a kennel.

Lively adult male, very social, good with people, other friendly dogs.

Two year old male, good temperament, social with people, okay with other friendly dogs.





Multi V-1, RKNA Ch, Y'th Siegerin
Wu-tang's Jersey  AKC WS31450502 - BH, ZtP

Sire: Astor von Junipera
Dam: Xenia von Extrem
Breeder: John Ung  
Wu-Tang Rottweilers

Show Record

2014 RKNA Spring Sieger Show Miami, V-1 and Siegerin

2014 SFRK Breed Show V-1, Best Female 
2014 RKNA Spring Sieger show Miami, FL Jersey - ZTP under Anton Spindler 
2013 USRC National Klub Show, V-1,
Select Female 
2013 RKNA National Klub Show V-1 
2013 RKNA Phoenix breed show V-1,
Best Female 
2013 RKNA SCRC breed show V-1, Best Female 
 2010 USRC Southwest Regional Sieger Show
& BST - ADRK Judge Uwe Petermann

8 year old former show dog, Jersey is looking 
for a new home after being kenneled most of her life. Very energetic, friendly and social, loves to play ball.
DOB 5/17/17
Happy young dog, playful, loves her toys. Will benefit from obedience training.

Adult female, happy girl, lively, nice

Athena Arrunategui


                  Sire: Legend vom Hochklasse
Dam: Angie von der Obesten
Breeder: Felix Solyrosas
DOB: 1/06/2016

Athena is the larger of two sisters turned in to rescue due to owners having no time for them. Good temperament, social, needs to go to obedience training to be a good citizen. Will not be placed with her sister.

Adult female. She's a big girl, easy to handle, sweet temperament, loads easy, crate trained, some obedience.