Munoz's Maximus

Breeder: Adrienne deHaas Kennel: Vom Eschenhagen Rottweilers
Sire: Deacon Vom Eschenhagen
Dam: Face vom Krabbennest

Sadie is an adult female. Sweet girl. Owners are moving. She is under medical evaluation for neurological and structural issues.

Bred by Betty Burden Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers
Sire: Multi V-rated, Russian Champion Trofin S. Berega Turi(CABIB), 5xBIS
Dam: Baura vom Hognadottir

Marcus is a handsome adult male, nice temperament, a little temporary shyness in
new situations.

Bred by Jose Z. Serrano
Sire: Konnenstoltz BK's Bryer v. Dik
Dam: Summer's von Rubby
Large six year old intact male. Maximus has been an outside dog with little training. He will be available for adoption after his evaluation by our trainer.




Bodhi is a young adult longhair male rescued last year in bad condition. Bodhi has recovered nicely and is spending a few weeks with our trainer to develop good manners.

Sire: Canadian Champion Rennick's Custom Design Dam: Tobant's Kelo 

PeeWee is a gorgeous medium large male, 3-1/2 years old, housedog and housebroken, basic obedience. Trusting, friendly, calm, handsome, lovely temperament.
Breeders: Dai Leon and Kala Rexroad 
Parents: Dandy vom Hause Neubrand and Von Ruelmans Yoshi 

Max is 2-1/2 years old and is a small to medium sized male, very pretty and healthy. He has
lived with small dogs, is obedience trained and housebroken. However, since he was a puppy, Max's past owner encouraged him to lunge and bark ferociously at people. We do not think he
is a mean or unpredictable dog. We are being cautious however due to this behavior being reinforced. Max will only be placed in a Rottweiler-experienced home who will commit
to ongoing re-training.




3 year old male, on the smaller side, very social, well mannered, easy to handle
Adult female, easy to handle, well socialized, good manners.
6 month female, very sweet, a little shy,




Senior guy, very sweet, good manners, likes car rides.

Friendly 4 year old male, social, loves attention, car rides.

2 year old female, happy, active gal, nice personality.




Young male, excellent temperament,
outdoor pup, family pet. Looking forward to
going to obedience training.

Lillie, 6 month old girl, sweet temperament, okay with well behaved older children, nice manners.

Female Rottweiler puppy born May 3, 2017. Happy, healthy, loves her toys. A little unsure in new situations, but recovers quickly. Learning about house and crate training.



Young adult, social, easy to handle, okay with other friendly dogs, has tail.

Oso is a young male, good disposition, medium size.